Residential and Commercial Roofing Colorado Springs

True Nature Roofing Installs all Types of Roofs

True Nature Roofing Colorado Springs is a trusted multi-choice roofing contractor. We handle both residential and commercial roofing replacements and repairs. Solutions are available for all of the following roofing applications and more.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are also known as composition or laminate shingles. This is the most common type of roofing material used in residential applications along the Front Range in Colorado.

Concrete Tile Roofing

Concrete tile roofing is used in high end commercial and residential roofing applications. Replacing concrete tile roofing systems requires a comprehensive approach as the proper structural support for materials of this caliber is essential to providing long-term value on these systems.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is one of the best choices for long-term value. With high elevation weather conditions, it can be difficult to find a roofing system that doesn't break down before it's recommended lifespan. Ribbed and standing seam metal roofing is an excellent choice for any Colorado property.

Wood Shake Roofing

Cedar shake roofing is a matter of choice regarding aesthetics and design. Wood shake shingles provide a unique and desired look, especially for mountain homes and lodges. The downside is that shake materials require an extensive amount of ongoing maintenance.

Commercial & Residential Flat Roofing TPO Membrane

TPO roofing membrane is the most popular choice for flat roof coverings today, especially in commercial application. The Durolast roofing membrane has proven to outlast traditional rubber roofing, and it provides a reflective barrier against heat from the sun. Most flat roofing systems requiring replacement are redone using TPO materials.

Protecting your investment

As a home or property owner, your living space not only provides that comfortable sanctuary where your family gathers and creates life long memories, it is also an investment that for many of us, is our most important investment. True Nature Roofing knows, when it comes to repairing your home or business property, especially the roof that protects your investment, you don't trust just anybody with the job and you want to guarantee you are putting your project in the hands of one of the top trusted roofing companies in Colorado Springs.

You are on the right track! True Nature Roofing started with one thing in mind, "Integrity Above All", our founders have combined years of experience both as exterior restoration contractors and as licensed insurance adjusters. Having seen and experienced both sides of the fence, our founders brought their expertise together to bring you a company that can provide the most value possible when it comes to restoring your investment. Not only does True Nature Roofing uphold the highest standards in quality, we also go to work with your insurance company to provide a fair settlement that provides you with the quality of repairs you deserve, without having to come up with thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Don't leave money on the insurance companies table, contact True Nature Roofing today for a free consultation and know your choices.

A lifetime of service

As one of the preferred roofing companies in Colorado Springs, True Nature Roofing honors their commitment of service to our community. We stand behind every roof with industry-leading warranties and maintenance on every single one of our roofs.

True Nature Roofing has professional roof installers that will go the extra mile to ensure your roof is installed properly, however as we are all aware, the weather on the Front Range of Colorado will challenge any home's protection. That is why True Nature Roofing has made the commitment to offer you peace of mind knowing that we are looking out for you by providing a lifetime of free maintenance as well as free inspections any time our customers request them.

Our guarantee

Should you decide to entrust True Nature Roofing with your project, we guarantee that our Residential and Commercial Roofing Colorado Springs contractors will treat your roof as if it were their own, and take complete accountability for the job. True Nature Roofing stands behind their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We believe as an accountable, quality roofing contractor that has your best interest in mind, we should give you peace of mind when it comes to our satisfaction guarantee. We give you that option whenever you have repairs related to an insurance claim by never asking you for any upfront money. We keep it simple. You hold on to the insurance check until we complete the work. You get to verify our work and only release payment when we have fulfilled our commitment to your satisfaction.

No-obligation roof inspections

As any quality roofing company in Colorado Springs would, we always offer free roof inspections, however, not only do you get a free inspection, you also get a genuine consultation that will give you the options to make an informed decision regarding the repairs to your home. So why wait? Fill out the Free Assessment Form on the right of this page or call us at (719) 439-9981.

To gain a better understanding of the re-roofing process, we have provided a general overview of what to expect. With your satisfaction being our number one goal, we ask for your cooperation in securing a safe and efficient work environment.

Before the Project

Roofing Material Delivery

When materials get delivered, please contact your project manager to ensure the materials are accurate.

Job Access

Please keep access to your driveway open during the construction period. You might need to park your vehicles along the street curb or somewhere else secure while construction.

Moving Exterior Fixtures

Removing furniture and fixtures from patio or pool area is advised. You may need to move potted plants and other items away from the construction area.

Secure Interior Fixtures

Make sure to secure items such as mirrors, photos, or other delicate items that are on shelves or hang on the walls of you home.

Hidden Pipes or Wires

Inform your project manager of any hidden pipes or wires that have been installed in your attic since the home was built.

Attic Contents

Contents stored in the attic may need to be removed or covered as the roof replacement process can cause dust and debris to fall on items stored in the attic.

During the Project

Small Children

The construction environment can be dangerous to children and pets. Please make sure to clear the area of children and pets during the construction period.

Construction Noise

The roof replacement process consists of lots of banging and scraping, as well as air compressors and other construction tools that can be irritating.

Be Safe

If your family is present during the construction process, please be super careful to avoid stepping on debris or nails. Be mindful of falling roofing debris.

After The Project


Our crews are great at cleaning up the mess, however, at times, small particulates and nails are left hidden in the landscaping after the job is completed.


Make sure to inspect the job for any areas you are concerned with. It is important to discuss any construction issues with the manager before the roofing crew leaves the site.


Upon completion of your project, you may need to provide the project manager with any payments that were agreed upon.